Disc Jockeys

We Specialize in Weddings, Fifteens & Other Private Events. Our DJ’s are well known throughout the Miami area. Do You Need a Special Set of Music? We Can Handle all of your Needs.

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Our Bartenders Have Worked in the Industry for Over 10 Years. Any Drink Necessary will be Available at Your Request. We Provide Complete Service For You.

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Need to Serve Champagne, Wine, Appetizers and serve food? Ask for our Servers to help with your next event.

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Food Catering

Ask us about our custom food menu. We also have wonderful connections to different restaurants or feel free to request food from anywhere near the event. We will order, pick it up and setup food tables and even have our assistants serve the food. We also provide silverware, plates and napkins.

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In the Entertainment Business for Over 15 Years,
Detonation Entertainment takes care of the hard work for you. A Great Family of DJ’s, Bartenders, Servers & Caterers. We can Cater to Your Every Need to Make an Event as Simple as Possible. We provide many different services to fulfill your needs.


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