Meet Our Team

These fabulous people run the company. They put in a great effort in hosting your event.
They put together all the tools to make an event entertaining. We are Detonation Entertainment, Inc.

Rick Santiago

Founder & CEO

A Disc Jockey for over 20 years, Rick Santiago knows how to Host an Event, by bringing you the best possible Employees. He’s not just the CEO, he is also a Hands-On Employee.


Manuel Gonzalez

Bartenders Manager

Manuel has been Bartending various locations for over 10 years. He knows how to handle various amounts of Drink Specialties.

Megan Traversio

Servers Manager

Megan has been planning events for over 10 years. We are pleased to have her be part of the group. She handles all of our servers and trains them to be at the top of their game. Our Servers add a taste of class to your Event.


Our Approach

We go all the way to make the most of an Event. We Specialize in all that we do. Just know that when you book an event with us, you are receiving the best in the entertainment industry. Your guests will never have to do a thing, but enjoy the Event. We will leave you satisfied and accomplished. Leave all the work to us.

Our Story

We started out from individual businesses combining together to form Detonation Entertainment, Inc., a close family of DJ’s, Bartenders, Servers and Caterers. We are committed to satisfying your every need in many different ways. For over 10 years, all of our employees have flourished in the Event Scene. We¬†Provide Services that no other entertainment company can offer. We’ve decided to take care of all the hard work for you. Need an Event¬†taken care of, call us.

Next Steps…

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