The Entire Package

Wedding Planning, Services Coordination, Venue Selection, Tables & Linens, Music and Food Selection, Bartenders to Master of Ceremonies. We run a complete checklist to make sure we can cater to your every need. Let us handle all the hard work for your next event. We know how stressful it can be to plan an event. We have all the necessary tools to bring you anything you might need to enjoy a stress-free event.

Here are the following services we offer:

Wedding Planning

Included in our customizable packages. The benefit of having one company handle all of your services is essential for a smooth transition on your special day. Rest assured that we have the best connections and prices to make your event affordable and fit for any budget. Call us for your free consultation.

Services Coordination

Detonation Entertainment can take care of all of your services from start to finish. We have the best connections with vendors from all across South Florida and offer Customizable Packages at budget friendly prices. We can offer many different ideas that will make your special event unforgettable. Speak to one of our representatives today to see how we may assist you with your event.

Disc Jockey

Our Disc Jockeys have been in the business for over 15 years. Specializing in Weddings, Fifteens & Other Private Events.

Need a Special Set of Music? We will handle all your needs. From Dinner Music to Cocktail Hour, Hora Loca, Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Disco, Retro, Old School and Freestyle. Every Kind of Genre you can think of. We have the best selection in all of South Florida.


Need a Bartender? Our Bartenders have worked in the Bar Industry for Over 15 Years. Any Drink Necessary will be Available at your Request. We Provide Complete Service for you.


Add a Server to your next event? Our Servers serve Champagne, Wine, Appetizers & serve food from the Buffet. This is a very good way to add taste of class to your event. Easy setup and cleanup also available.


Food Setup

Ask us about our custom food menu. We also have wonderful connections to different restaurants. Feel free to request food from anywhere near the event. We will order it, pick it up and setup food tables. Our assistants will serve the food. We also provide silverware, glassware, plates and napkins.

Table Setup/Decor

Customized Linens, Ribbons, Centerpieces and more. Ask us how we can transform you reception into a beautiful event. Contact us today.


Master of Ceremonies

Experienced Master of Ceremonies are available upon request. Male and Female host are available to make sure your event runs smoothly. Host are also fluent in both English and Spanish. Hablamos Espanol.


LED Lighting & Projectors

We use a top-of-the-line L.E.D. Lighting System to Illuminate your party in any color you prefer. 
L.E.D. Lights are used for the Dance Party for Strobe and Color Changing Effects to be enhanced by the Fog/Smoke.
We provide Projectors and Screen for Special Photographs or Video Live on our Projection Screen.

Photographers & Videographers

Our Photographers will your event memorable experience. We have photographers that specialize in various types of events.
DVD and Wedding book service available. Ask us about out different packages to work within your budget.
Photographers for private sessions also available.


Drone Footage

So perfect for wedding and engagement photography: Drones are able to capture shots from angles never seen before. Including everyone in large format photos 4k is the way to go. We include drone video footage with the inclusive package for photo/videographer. Be sure that it will make your video stand out over other events.

Photobooths/Red-Carpet Backdrop

Enjoy the ease of photos with a red-carpet experience. This is a great entrance opportunity for your guests to take photographs together while entering the event. Printing On-Site Available at a great hourly rate. Back Drop and Accessories are included and the theme desired can be readily available.

360 Degree Photobooth

The 360 Degree Photobooth is a great way for your guest to take pictures throughout your special event. Treat your guest with digital prints of the event straight to their phone or email. 

Belly & Fire Dancers

Belly & Fire dancers create an environment that will satisfy your guests. Add a spotlight from one of our dancers to uplift your next event. We work with the utmost professional dancers in the industry. We also provide male/female dancers for bachelorette/bachelor parties.

Hora Loca

Make the most of your special event with the best dancers in Hora Loca in town. Hora Loca dancers will bring new life to your event. They provide L.E.D. Robots, dancers on stilts, Winged Ballerinas and Percussionists. This is one of the newest vendors we offer.

Cold Sparkler Machines/Cloud Dance

What Is a Cold Sparkler Machine? If you are looking for a spectacular firework show in an indoor setting, you’ll need cold sparkler machines. A cold sparkler machine produces non-flammable sparks that are a simulated pyrotechnic experience, not actual pyrotechnics.

Cloud dance is used for any special dance. Fills up the dance floor with a cool mist imitating clouds. 

Live Bands/Jazz Groups

We have a large collection of musical groups for Weddings, Anniversaries and more. From Jazz Bands, Rock Groups & Country Acts to Mariachi’s, Salsa & Karaoke. Any type of musical acts can be provided.


Family Airport/Cruiseport Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Need to pick up a family for your special day? Don’t call Uber or Lyft ripoff. We have availability for up to 5 people with all off their luggage in our covered Silverado Pickup Bed and offer pick-up & drop-off in the Miami-Dade Area for up to $99 dollars. Call us to make your reservations.


Limousine Service

We have available Limousine and Party Bus Services to transport your party from your Home to the Church and to your Reception. This is perfect for picking up your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen to your party destination.


The best type of Paella in town. We offer mobile services for Paella with different meat selection from Lobster and Clams to Chicken and Meat.

Massage Therapists

Would you like to treat your guests to a private massage during your next event? Your guests will be treated by a professional they won’t forget. Our therapists provide massage chairs or flat tables per your request.


Master Cigar Roller

Hand-Rolled Cigars done by an experienced cigar roller. This is a great way to treat your guest to some additional class. There is nothing like having your own cigars hand made right in front of you while you enjoy the party. We can also provide boxes of assorted brand name cigars per your request instead.



Our Violinist can bring a classical vibe to your Cocktail Hour. Our Violinists are classically trained in the best selection of classical music.
We also provide Saxophonist for a fusion mix of house and saxophone. 


Bring the excitement of Mariachi’s to your party. They bring a soulful taste of classical Mexican music with a variety of songs. ONly the best Mariachi’s in Miami work with us. Please call us for price inquiries.


Adult Themed Parties

All sorts of themed parties are possible from White parties to Gatsby, Mardi Gras & Masquerades parties. We use the right color coordination to bring your special event to life. We also provide balloons and lighting to add to your event.

Table & Chair Rental

Tables, Chairs and High Tops can be delivered to your desired event location, early and promptly for setup. We provide linens and ribbons, and also have an assortment of lovely handmade centerpieces. This is great for an outdoor wedding event or outdoor family picnic.


Corporate Tenting

Outdoor tents are available. Side covers for the rain or cold are also available. Ask us about our availability and sizes. We will handle all of your outdoor needs.

White, Princess & Primary Color Bounce Houses

White Bounce House for your Wedding Party is a great way to laugh and have fun with your guests. Ask about our Custom Wedding Packages today. Bounce House delivery with Generator. These are great for an outdoor picnic or neighborhood party. Kids enjoy these bounce houses for hours at time. This is a great option to bring contrast to your child’s outdoor event.

Coffee A La Carte’

Serve your guest the finest in coffee. From Cappuchinos to Expresso, your guests will be treated to the best coffee at your event.

Selection of South American Wine & French Champagne

With our great selection of South American Wines & French Champagne, your guests will know they are being treated with a different sense of taste and class. We combine different wines and champagnes with their specific types of cheese for your enjoyment. Your guest will sense the difference at your party.

Food Trucks

With Local Connections to Food Trucks, we can provide various food trucks to show up at your next outdoor event. From Bar-B-Que to Mexican, Burger and Churrasco’s to Pizzerias. Ask us how we can provide you the ultimate food truck experience.


Beer Gardens

Call to book beer gardens from your local brewery for your next event. We have connections with local breweries and can book them to come out to your next outdoor party. This is a great way to entertain your guests with something new.

Clowns & Face Painting

Great for children’s parties. Book one of our Clowns for a great spotlight for your child’s event.

Kids Party Themes

We work with the best vendors in town to make your child’s event an experience they’ll never forget.
Ask us about any different ideas we can provide for you.


We have magicians of all kinds. from adult themed to kid’s fun magic. We also work with your budget to provide you the best for your money.

Generator Rental

*OUR NEWEST SERVICE AVAILABLE NOW* Outdoor Generator up to 4000W available for Rent for your event. 4 hour blocks available for $299. Great for Outdoor Picnics, Birthday and Weddings or Events that do not have their own power. Does not include gas.

Call today to setup your reservation.

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